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LNG Pricing, Trading & Hedging: 4-Day Training Course

Building reliable forward curves, capturing trade opportunities and protecting portfolio value has never been more important for success in the global gas and LNG business. The LNG Pricing, Trading & Hedging course helps energy professionals to successfully tackle these challenges.

Join the hundreds of alumni of the LNG Pricing, Trading & Hedging course, and boost your commercial LNG capabilities. Click below to learn about upcoming sessions of the course. Alternatively, contact us directly regarding customized, in-house training sessions.


CO2 & H2 Markets, Pricing & Trading : 3-Day Training Course

The energy transition is driving the growth of new commodity markets, products and projects, with carbon emissions and hydrogen at the forefront. A deep, practical understanding of how these markets are priced and traded is essential for those pursuing new initiatives, as well as those seeking to optimize the risk and value of their existing portfolios.

The Carbon & Hydrogen Markets, Pricing & Trading course is designed to deliver the commercial knowledge, skills and tools required to navigate the energy transition landscape. Click below to learn about our upcoming sessions.