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What we offer

Capra Energy provides the training, analysis, data and advisory support needed to
successfully navigate the continually changing global energy market landscape.

Global Gas/LNG & Energy Transition Training

Capra Energy is widely recognised as the premier provider of training programs focused on global gas/LNG and the energy transition. Our two most popular training courses have set a new standard for professional education in the energy industry:

1) LNG Pricing, Trading & Hedging
2) Carbon & Hydrogen Markets, Pricing & Trading

We also offer in-house workshops (onsite or online) for teams seeking a more customised and private training experience. Please be in touch for more information.

Fundamental Data & Analysis for Global Gas/LNG

Our CapraView platform provides a 10-year, month-by-month outlook for the global gas/LNG balance. This includes bottom-up supply, demand and inventory forecasts for all major LNG markets. CapraView translates these market fundamentals into monthly price forecasts for Northeast Asian LNG and European natural gas.

CapraView is also the most interactive global gas/LNG market analysis platform available. Users can adjust the underlying drivers (GDP, weather, renewable power capacity, etc.) to create their own market scenarios and model the impact on global gas/LNG fundamentals and pricing.